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Based in Taiwan, bullet sex toy Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the prime Vaginal dialyzer machine manufacturers since 1980.,house items as dildos

If you are looking for an automatic Vaginal dialyzer line for your products, Joiepack has a wide selection, including horizontal flow wrappers, candy wrapping machines, vertical form fill seal machines, flow wrap machines, shrink wrap machines, etc.,wedol power stroker

Along with food Vaginal dialyzer for bakeries, instant noodles, biscuits, snacks, candies, confectioneries, refrigerated and frozen foods, Joiepack also supplies Vaginal dialyzer machine for wet wipes, tissues, printed items, detergents, medicines, hardware, tools, etc.,dildos with two heads

With both advanced technology and 40 years of experience, Joiepack always ensures that each customer's demands are met,licking stimulator

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using wish dildos,Hermetic Sealing with barrier shrinkable film and Gas flushing for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is an ideal machine for fresh fish Vaginal dialyzer to have longer Shelf Life.

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  • 3axis Servo Motor Drive for In-Feed, Center Sealing and End Sealing.
  • Hermetic box motion end sealing.
  • Gas flushing device , could be equip with Online Gas Analyzer ad gas mixer for low oxygen rate.
  • "Siemens" PLC program control with precise "Siemens" PID Temperature control modular.
  • User-friendly 10.4" Colorful Touch Screen with 100 sets products data memories makes items change over easily & quickly. Running speed, temperature, bag length, mark position, in-feed position, end sealing speed.... Could be memorized.
  • Overload protection for end sealer with auto disengage function.
  • Top Brush Belt makes the items transfer smoothly in high running speed.
  • Dancing roller and motorized film feeding roller make the film supply tension stable.
  • With Sucking Transfer Belt for Easy & Safe operation.
  • Precise pin perforator makes the package surface perfect.

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Model No.S-5647-BX-SH-MAPS-5661-BX-SH-MAP
Capacity (PPM)30 ~ 6020 ~ 50
Bag Length (mm)70 ~ 450130 ~ 500
Max. Film Width (mm)470610
Max. Product Width (mm)190265
Max. Product Height (mm)75120
Electricity for Wrapper (mm)5.5 Kw - AC-220 / 380 Volt - 3 phase + Ground
Electricity for Tunnel24 Kw - AC-220 / 380 Volt - 3 phase + Ground

The Max. product height is according to the applications & products range.
Higher product is available as requested.

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  • Date coder.
  • In-feed carrier block.
  • Auto label applicator.
  • Additional reel holder.
  • Auto feeding system.
  • Adjustable bag former.

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